The inaugural exhibition, If the Earth had a flag, the Moon would have to be on it., marks the first act at Aunt Linda and features works by artists Leah Dixon and Mathias Euwer.


In an atmosphere of agnostic spirituality, the works in the exhibition are manifestations of physical efforts to capture an unachievable perfection, while acknowledging the inevitability of failure. Both artists create totemic forms which stand as ambivalent gestures towards a pursuance of a 21st Century faith. Dixon’s wooden towers and Euwer’s steel monoliths cut through the Aunt Linda space and evoke the fundamental forms of neolithic standing stones and the skylines of megacities.


























born 1982, Cincinnati, OH / lives and works in Chinatown, NY


Leah Dixon is a sculptor, performer, and social organizer. Her work addresses societal narratives and political correctness through the making of gestural monuments and interventions. Her work is highly physical and often-times durational—directly dealing with the politics of labor systems and boundaries, through a formal, structural, and darkly humorous language.


Dixon has shown widely in the United States and internationally. Recent exhibitions include “Metatextile” at Edel Assanti Gallery in London, “Surface Matters” at Knockdown Center in New York, “Sibling Rivalries” at the Torrance Art Museum in Los Angeles, and inclusion in the 2014 and 2016 Nicaraguan Biennial of Contemporary Art. She has recently collaborated with The Brooklyn Academy of Music, and The Columbia University School of Architecture and Urban Planning. Her work has been featured in Art in America, New York Magazine, Artspace, and ArtForum. Additionally Leah is a co-owner and the Creative Director of Beverly's Bar and curatorial platform in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Dixon received her Bachelor's in Drawing and Painting from The Ohio State University, and her Master's from The School of Visual Arts in 2014, where she was a departmental fellow. She has also been a resident of The Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture.




born 1986, France / lives and works in Berlin


Mathias Euwer grew up in Paris and received a BA in Applied Sculpture (Metal) at the ENSAAMA (Paris) in 2007, and an MA in Fine Art/Sculpture from the School of Art & Design Berlin-Weissensee in 2015.  He exhibited his work in Paris, Berlin, New York, London, Mexico City, Milan.  Science, and physics in particular, are recurring sources of reflection and perspective in his work. With a strong attention to materials and craftsmanship, Euwer crystallizes his fascination in a spontaneous and tangible way through sculptures and installations, which often engage the viewer’s own perception and imagination. Through precise, often extreme, engineered or handcrafted sculptures, he paradoxically points to the elusive. Since 2012 he has made the question of the edge, the limit, increasingly central to his artistic practice.






Is there righteousness in the space between

perfection and our best attempt?

The people we want to be vs. the people that we are.

But that might be an excuse

to not try hard enough.


If we wanted to,

what would we genuflect in front of?

“Are you going to openings tonight?”


Does an uncertain perception of divinity

allow for meat and bones to be all knowing?

That is just a conspiracy theory

to help us sleep better / know more than we actually don’t know.


Let’s break bread together.


—Aunt Linda


Act I

Leah Dixon

Mathias Euwer

If the Earth had a flag, the Moon would have to be on it.

Jun. 19–Jul. 9, 2016